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The jewellery of Verdeagua is a story of love. Love for the pastel colours of gems, for the old looking pearls, for travels around the world and details that we find when travelling, love for enhancing the natural beauty of a woman with personality.


It is also love for silks, linens and embroidery, for the eclectic touch that mixes with the femininity, love for having a unique piece that is art.


We wait for you in our showroom in Madrid appointment only


We want you to feel beautiful, to know that you have a hand made jewel created by expert artisans of the process, and that we all enjoy creating it. Since the moment of inspiration in order to design it, until the moment it arrives in your hands in a delicate wrapping. We choose materials that bring beauty for its perfect imperfection. We want you to feel wonderful.



We are a path of light. When you wear our jewellery close to your skin, you will feel something incredible and unique. Femininity, elegance and sensuality.