Creator & beauty hunter, jewellery designer, stylist and brand mentor

Hello, this is how it all started


I consider myself a romantic fool but I do have my feet attached to the ground. My mother changed the pleasant summer vacation at the beach for travels to India, Morocco, Bali, Peru…It was there in those colourful markets, by those decadent painted doors and sounded by baskets of fruits and flowers, beads and textiles that I felt the need of having my work proyecto related to what I most loved in life.


I am happy in the nature, walking in silence under the sun or rain. The simplest is the most important and sometimes we forget about it. I declare that what drives me is want to learn and discover everyday something new. I am in love with pastel tones with a touch of ethnic and Scandinavian style, water, pottery, everything that is handmade in spicy countries. I have an eternal love for silks and linen.

I truly enjoy dancing in the living rom of my home and hugging the ones I love the most.

It is as if the essence of colours, shapes and textures entered my skin and it drove me to create beauty in as a jewel.

Virginia, Founder and  Creative Director

adornment for women with soul and sensitivity

My jewels are created for women that feel that beauty is within the simple things, the far away, in observing other cultures, in picking up shells at the beach, in a poem, in a memory, in a kiss.

I like think that those women are free, that they do not follow imposed trends and they feel beautiful when wearing my designs. I never get tired of getting their gratitude messages. Ever.

why Verdeagua is unique

My jewellery is unique. It is the artistic materialisation of the inspiration I feel from other cultures, of life. It´s true luxury lies exactly there, in the fact they are handmade, slowly. That is the luxury of my brand. I take care of each detail and I believe that perfection is in the imperfection of the materials and gems I use. My creations reflect sensuality, passion and elegance.


what matters

At  Verdeagua sustainability is the base of the work. We respect the cultures that inspire my work and I do all I can to take care of the environment in the whole process. I want my jewellery to last forever, not just a season. I work closely with local suppliers and each of them matter to me.