All our jewellery is handmade by artisans that work slow and they enjoy what they create. We respect their working conditions and make sure they are proud of their work.


We use gold plated brass (24 carats) and when it ages it acquires a beautiful old tone. It may happen that the jewellery has imperfections but this is exactly what we value the most. We see imperfections as extraordinary footprints that reveal that it has been created by hand.


We search for materials that are genuine and that add value and beauty. We choose semiprecious and precious stones by it´s colour, quality, shape and they arrive from a sustainable source.


Our creative curiosity pushes us to find details such as shells, wood, ceramic, old textiles, hand crocheted flowers, tassels, antiq silver… that we add to our jewellery.


care suggestions


for perfect maintenance of  your jewellery:

  • We recommend to keep jewellery away from water at all times.
  • Avoid contact with direct perfume.
  • Jewellery is a delicate matter, keep in their pouches when not used and make sure it does not drop heavily, as stones may break.


Most of all we want you to enjoy it all your life. Our manifesto is the guide to the way we work.