Verdeagua Style Gift Card

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We have the perfect gift to succeed with whoever you want to surprise.

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We know that you want that woman to feel happy and she values our creation as something unique.

Sometimes it is difficult to choose, but we can help you with that wonderful task.

With our Gift Card she can choose herself in our website. Surely you will get it right!

Perfect for:

  • All those who want to make a different gift and don’t know what to choose among all the treasures.
  • Get a smile with a unique jewel, is like giving an artwork.
  • Give a jewel of a committed brand and loaded with meaning.
  • An unexpected gift for those who always have everything. Certainly you will hit the bull’s eye!
  • Know that the gift you make is an one-off and it is magical.

When you give a Verdeagua Style card, the lucky one gets an email with a customized design of her card and all the information: amount, expiry date and instructions. 

Now you just have to wait to receive it and enjoy it!