Your feelings and memories in a ring

To create your own ring, one to last forever, with your own memories, feelings, colours  and emotions. I am so happy to announce that there is a white page in front of you, where you are going to be the author of the story.




I always wanted one way or the other to design unique rings. When I say unique I mean some different reasons that I will explain now. I must admit I was quite reluctant to start this project but I maned to overcome the fear. I am indeed so content I did it. I could not be happier.





The first thing was to think about what I really wanted that ring to make me feel when I saw it embracing my finger in the hand. Our hands are the connection with our creativity as they materialise what we have in mind. They are also the path to transmit emotions, love.


In second place I had to choose the precious gems that are part of it. Here one must stop time, not to be in a hurry, go slowly savouring the process of selecting each gem. It is important to have in mind that every time I look at the colours of the gems my heat will beat remembering the emotions I want the jewel to have. May be it makes me think of a journey, a person, a moment…





The colour palette and its connection with our memories, lie stories… in a way that all has a coherence, that it makes sense. A ring that will be a place where to find some peace, inspiration, life and that lasts forever.

We are truly looking forward to hearing from you to start this project together.   Write to us for information.








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