In a technological world we need more than ever to discover new ways of being creative

Dare to watch with different eyes

Somehow, in a way or the other, it is more than 20 years that I am indulged in the universe of creativity. I could even say that since I was a girl I was exposed to beauty as my father was a painter and what I liked most was to be in his studio and watch him mix the oils and paint from his soul. I declare myself an observer and hunter of beauty.

It is now researched that being creative is  essential to the wellbeing the human being. This is because it connects with the deep need of the human to create beauty, and it addition it generates a state of wellbeing.

We have been showed that procrastinating is a path to find what makes us passionate, that drives us. In my workshops you will have the opportunity to explore different ways of being creative, find new ways to decorate your life, or just a walk in the countryside, how to find ways to filter your sensibility. You will learn how to style your life, or your brand, or your soul.

Virginia, Founder &  Creative Director


targeted to everyone that wants to connect with their creative sensitivity

In front of you lies the opportunity to connect with your creativity, to get excited with handmade papers, with fresh flowers and dried ones, with shells and textiles, with handmade pottery and baskets. We will learn how to use these elements and others as a base to enhance our creativity and find a new way to styling your life. SEND ME AN EMIAL TO FIND ABOUT NEXT WORKSHOP


why this workshops is extraordinary

I have been told I inspire others, that I have something special when it comes to combine textures, to style simple objects, to decorate all I do. They tell me that I am able to touch the heart of the people through my brand Verdeagua Style.


I have then decided to share my experience and knowledge in a workshop that will not leave you indifferent. I have designed it with a lot of love so that you are able to see how I do what I do, how to connect with you creativity. I am really looking forward to meeting you and discovering together a new way to look at the beauty of the world. WRITE TO ME AND I SEND YOU ALL THE DETAILS

creating emotions

You will make your own creative kit with a lot of elements that will help you in yoru path to be creative and finding inspiration. Handmade papers, laces, flowers, seeds, shells, and your own creative manual made by you.

It will be your own treasure and I am sure it will be full of emotions… because after all art is about creating emotions.